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Contact us to arrange a pick-up at your home or business (we don't have a drop-off yard at the moment)

To arrange pick-ups or set up a recurring donations account, call Jessica or Tim at 520-244-7392 OR email us at tucsonelectronicsrecycling@gmail.com

Sustainable and Reliable

We are committed to recycling back into use or breaking down electronic components in your donated items to the greater extent possible to avoid  landfill  deposits. 

For hard-drive destruction or other recycling options, we recommend you contact directly SUBURBAN MINER  (520) 406-7446.

Your donation is tax-deductible !

Our electronics recycling in Tucson business is organized in support of the annual beloved festival TUCSON MEET YOURSELF.  Each year since 1974, TMY presents hundreds of traditional artists, home cooks, small businesses, and community cultural clubs and  organizations. Our mission is to honor and celebrate the cultural diversity of the desert borderlands.  To learn more visit tucsonmeetyourself.org or visit our recycling in Tucson center! 

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